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Aadhi Bhagavan Review

Jayam Ravi Comeback La

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Posted 28 February 2013 - 04:07 AM

Shebby Synopsis For Aadhi Bhagavan


The movie started with the fast introduction where news broadcast on television and the reporter told that CBI will raid a VIP house and that time, one person who was the young brother of VIP inform to him but that time


Aadhi(Jayam Ravi)

as CBI leader with police arrived on VIP's house and they started to check every place where the documents and golds were hidden under dog barack,mattress and aircond and after they had finished their raided, they told to both VIP and his brother to come with them but that VIP asking permission to Aadhi that at least he came to the CBI office by his own car and not by police car and Aadhi granted his wish but he warned to him that in 30 minutes, he must arrived to CBI office and that VIP agreed. After Aadhi went off from VIP house, VIP got call from his close partner and asked about the news where his close partner not even know that VIP's house being raided and he also informed to VIP that he should be the first to know CBI raided and will inform to VIP and his partner told to ViP that something wrong happened and he asked the ViP to investigate and ViP called all gangsters to look on Aadhi photo who had being caught in CCTV camera but the gangsters said they  do not even know him and they confirmed that Aadhi is not from this state and they assumed he was from outsider la and the camera moved to the Aadhi Bhagavan title

The scene moved to the Pattaya state which was located in Thailand where Aadhi wearing coat suit and went to jetty and meet with his boss which is


Sam(Babu Anthony)

and it was actually Sam's plan to take the VIP's documents and golds in India la in which Aadhi completed his mission and Aadhi give him a gift which is a cub doll. Aadhi asked Sam about his share and Sam gave him 50% of his share to Aadhi but Aadhi refused to take the share since he knows the real amount of gold and documents since he had calculated these amounts la but Sam refused to give and commanded his men to point gun at Aadhi but Aadhi had his own briliant plan where he told to Sam that doll is not only ordinary doll but inside that had a bomb and the remote was in Aadhi hand la and without no choice, Sam give the correct amount money to Aadhi and Aadhi took the money and escaped the place la.

The scene moved where Aadhi went to meet his mother who is


Indra(Sudha Chandran)

but she refused to meet him and his mother remember back how she,Aadhi and his sister who is



come to Thailand and Aadhi went to the road street and saw drug dealer giving drug to his customer and from that, Aadhi had an idea where he became drug dealer and always gave many money to his mother and when his mother asked him, he said he earned from his work where his mother refused to accept and asked whether good or bad way and Aadhi cannot answer her question and his mother told the reason they went to Thailand and stay there because of her husband doing illegal job and passed away and to forget this bad memories, his mother bring them(Aadhi and Prabha) to Thailand. His mother throw the money outside and quickly Aadhi took back the money even if the money was in drain, he collected it and that time his mother with his sister went out from house and avoid him la. That was his mother flashback and Aadhi went back frustrated without seeing his sister who staring at him la.

The next day show Aadhi was driving to some place where he nearly hit someone and when he come out from his car, someone captured his photos and the photos was send to someone's laptop where one Indian people were watching that. After one week, from a top building, there is one shooter who waiting for Aadhi to cross on the road and he quickly aim to hit him but when he want to shoot him, suddenly students were crossed on that road which was helped by one Indian girl and that time also, Aadhi come out from his car and went to somewhere and the shooter waited for Aadhi to come back to his car but as soon as Aadhi come back to his car, one person come to that building and shoot the shooter and the scene move to the night where Aadhi visit pub for a drink and he saw the same girl who in the earlier he saw on the road working at the pub and suddenly that girl who was bringing drinks fell down and her boss slapped her and she cried where Aadhi starting to has a feeling to her.

The scene moved to India where VIP went to police station as the police caught dupe police who helped Aadhi to raid VIP's house and the police asked that dupe and the dupe told since from child, he love to acting as police and Aadhi gave him a lot money to act as police since he was jobless and he told he never know where is Aadhi come from la and the scene move back to Thailand where the next day again Aadhi visit the same pub where he saw that girl and called her to take order but first he asking her personal where she does not like to talk with him until Aadhi asked her to bring scotch and when he paid her with more money, she refused to take and give back to him where he just left the money and went away la. The next day show that the girl being accompany by a white guy but that girl refused to enjoy with him and she escaped from him and the scene move where Aadhi was riding car and saw one car was stopped nearby road and so he stopped his car and went to look inside that car and saw that girl was tied by rope and he being stopped by some baddies and he managed to fight and defeat all the baddies and untie that girl. The girl introduced her name as


Karishma(Neetu Chandra)

and she told her family business lost a lot and she went to Thailand for working to support her father who was terribly sick and the boss who slapped her was actually her


uncle(Ravi Shankar)

and she said her uncle had to used her to make money on his pocket la.

Next day, her uncle went to her house complaining who damaged his boys where Karishma cannot answer and that time, Aadhi reached her place and told he was the one who punished them and Karisma's uncle told to Aadhi that he need to use Karishma to increased his money. Aadhi gave him a lot of money where he paid for Karishma and he took her and warning them not to look for her, After that the scene move to Buddhist temple where Aadhi waiting for his mother to speak with him but still she not speak a single word to him until he said that her son had died and quickly she went to Aadhi and slapped him and told he had a son but he had changed to other person and she requested that her son to be back as normal la and even Karishma try to convince her that Aadhi was a good man, she refused to hear and went off la. Aadhi went back his home with Karishma and at night, he playing piano where suddenly Karishma will hug him and there will be a song that is Kaatriley Nadanthene.

After the song had finished, the next day while Aadhi driving his car, he saw Prabha walking with one guy which in earlier when Aadhi was a drug dealer, he know this guy since he always went out with many girls. Aadhi asked Prabha with her boyfriend to come to his office la. At Aadhi's office, he questioned to Prabha whether Prabha loving that guy and Prabha said she loving so much on him and quickly Aadhi take out his cheque and give one cheque to that guy and ask him to fill up any amount and ask him to release his sister but he was refused and said among of all girls he know, Prabha was the girl he most like la and without no choice, suddenly Aadhi using his gun and head shot to that guy where Prabha got shocked to see his brother killing her boyfriend and Aadhi quickly hugged her to avoid her fearless and the next day show Aadhi's mother and Prabha prepared to leave place because they are scared after knowing Aadhi killed person la but Karishma persuaded them and told to Aadhi's mother that if she stay with Aadhi, this thing would nothing happened and she promised to Aadhi's mother that she will change Aadhi and she agreed with that. Quickly, she went back to Aadhi house and told this good story to him while he was busy attend call and after finish answering the call, he told to Karishma that he was so happy to hear  but he need to went to meet with drug dealer and he promised to her that after finish the dealing then only he meet with his mother.

Sam also got this information and prepared for his tomorrow plan to kill Aadhi . The next day was Aadhi asked Karishma to stay in car while he with his friend went to meet the drug dealer and while they both were finalizing the deal, Sam's men were silently jumped to that place and after the deal had been done, Sam's men began shooting with the dealer and the shooting began where Aadhi being shot and fell down and cannot even to get up and he just close his eyes since he thinked that his time is up since one man is ready to shoot at him but suddenly Karishma shoot that man and she saved Aadhi's life. At Aadhi house, Karishma treat Aadhi and removing one of bullet who was hit on his body and Aadhi is recovering from his injury la and at one time while Aadhi was lying on the bed, Karishma sketching his face but when Aadhi looked back at the sketching picture, his photo was in short hair and he teasing her because she cannot draw his face properly.

The scene move to Mumbai where VIP complained to


Rana(Saiju Kurup)

as he is the police officer who was in charge and Rana told them that even he too was searching for Aadhi but if he caught Aadhi, he will not arrest him but instead killed him which make the VIP with his brother were confused and when they both walking back, they told that they must find Aadhi first before Rana since Rana promised to kill Aadhi if he saw him la. The scene move back to Thailand where Aadhi who was truly felt love with Karishma and he proposed to her where Karishma said he need to discuss with her father and also need to bring Aadhi to meet with her father and Aadhi agreed to meet with her father.The scene moved to the Mumbai airport where Karishma phone was ringing and she attended that call and told to Aadhi that was her father but when she started to speak, the signal becoming weak and asked Aadhi to carry on her things while she went to place where the signal is strong but the twist was after she distance herself from Aadhi eyes, she changed her voice tone and speak to one person which was her uncle and her uncle asked her to proceed with the plan and quickly before Aadhi turning his face toward Karishma and her uncle who was backside, her uncle quickly hide. Aadhi and Karishma both took a taxi. While in taxi, Karishma was memorising something where suddenly the twist was someone who looks similar face like Aadhi is going to kill one person but instead he burnt that person and using his pistol to kill him and it is revealed that his name was Bhagavan where his famous name was


Mumbai Bhagavan(Jayam Ravi)

and then show the intermission

In taxi, Karishma giving beer to Aadhi for him to drink but before that Karishma had put something where after Aadhi drink that, he became dizzy and suddenly fainting to Karishma where Karishma removing his head from her shoulder la and suddenly showing that Karishma smoke while seeing the barber cut Aadhi hair and even Aadhi moustache was cut too and he being left out where Rana and other police caught Aadhi and send him to jail where he had been beaten by police and Rana called Bhaji Rao and asked him to come to police station and when Bhaji Rao arrived to police station and saw Aadhi was sit tied, he simply kicked Aadhi where Aadhi fell down from chair with tied hand and he became more confusion because all police keep on beating him. After Bhaji Rao, Rana and other police left the jail since Bhaji Rao has ordered Rana to kill Aadhi. Aadhi was so confused and shouting why he was in here and what fault he was doing, suddenly one person as


Mr X

who stayed with Aadhi in same jail responsed by telling that he know all the story about Aadhi and when Aadhi asking to him that he knows one girl that can help him release out from jail which is Karishma.

Mr X was laughing and told to him that her real name was not Karishma but Rani and he know the story from the beginning to end and the flashback show where Bhagavan who was transgender person but somehow was a bad gangster meet with Bhaji Rao as Bhaji Rao told to him that in order for him to get CM post, Bhagavan need to kill one ministry since that ministry was the choice for the CM to appointed him la and Bhagavan agreed to kill him and Bhagavan went to ministry's men since he want to get the info where was the ministry but that men refused to tell and Bhagavan fighting with them and managed to get the location of hotel that being stayed by that ministry and Bhagavan went to that place and killed that ministry la. During the flashback, Aadhi memorized back where one time Rani read weapons book where Aadhi never suspect anything regarding this la. Bhagavan with Rani went to Bhaji Rao party(maybe Bhaji rao was voted for CM post) and at there both fo them were introduced to Susheel which was Bhaji Rao younger brother and Susheel try to flirt Rani by telling that Bhagavan still loves to correct other girls although Bhagavan had Rani but Rani ignored his word and the next day show Rani went to Susheel place where Susheel was drunk and try to rape Rani but at the same time, Bhagavan reached to the place and ready to do something to Susheel but Bhaji Rao arrived that place and asked Bhagavan to release his brother by giving many money to Bhagavan. Bhagavan saw and smell the money la and also put some beer water to that money and then when he compared Rani with money, he said the most important thing in his life was Rani.He simply throw his cigarette to that money and the money was burnt while quickly Bhagavan killed Susheel.

The scene move where Rana meet Rani and told her that Bhagavan need to be arrested but she told Rana that Bhagavan cannot be arrested and they were thinking plan how to make Bhagavan was not caught suddenly from laptop shows that Rani's uncle caught Aadhi photo at Thailand(remember early scene that Aadhi photo was caught and someone is targetting him la), They got shocked to see Aadhi photo and they discussed who going to trap Aadhi and bring him to Mumbai where Rani told that she is willing to do this mission for the sake or her lover(Bhagavan) and the flashback was finished where Aadhi was so shocking hearing Mr X story and still cannot believe that Rani was using him. The next day, Rani went to jail and meet Aadhi where she told him that Mr X must had told the story from beginning where Rani told him that it was actually Aadhi's friend who had sense something wrong to her where the flashback show to Thailand at Aadhi house, Rani was searching her cigarattee and that time Aadhi's friend was at there and saw what Rani doing and asked her where was Aadhi and she answered his question with low tone and Aadhi's friend suspected something to Rani and after that he followed her but still Rani managed to escape and when the shooting scene between the dealer and Sam's men, Rani managed to kill Aadhi's friend and she was relieved that her plan was working well la.

After Rani went away from police station, Rana got phone call from Bhaji Rao where he asking Rana when he going to kill Bhagavan and Rana told him that it took a lot procedure but Bhaji Rao told him that he will speeden the procedure and Rana close Aadhi's face and bring him into police car. Actually Rana went to meet VIP who in early had promised to bring Aadhi but that VIP need to pay a big amount of money to Rana. Aadhi was tortured by VIP and his brother but Aadhi told them that he only took few documents and golds but most of these things were held by Sam but that VIP still not believing Aadhi and asked to torture Aadhi until he said truth while VIP and his brother went outside. One of VIP's men using anchor to hit Aadhi hand and that time Aadhi wake up quickly and fight them until VIP and his brother heard the fighting sound and they quickly come and saw Aadhi was running away and they chase him. Rana and other police saw Aadhi was running away and they also chasing him until Rana ordered his men to shoot Aadhi but that police was mistakenly shoot that VIP and VIP was killed while Aadhi managed to escape using Rana's police car with Mr X who was inside his car. They went to Goa as Mr X told Aadhi that he know one person who can duplicate password since Aadhi wanted to search Bhagavan but that person who believe to know all the story and said that Bhagavan and Rani were in Goa because there is some deal work need to be done by Rani which shocked by Aadhi and Mr X.

Rana meet Rani and Bhagavan but Rani blamed Rana for his stupidity and making Aadhi escaped due to his greedy but Rana denied and told he got suspended and told that he is policeman but both of them(Bhagavan & Rani) as criminal and he told he is the only one can helped them but that makes Bhagavan so angry because he saw Rana was threatening Rani and he used handles phone and hit Rana until he died and Bhagavan asked his men to clean the mess la. At the beach, Aadhi told to Mr X that he want to meet Bhagavan where at the Bhagavan place, Rani warned him that Aadhi was a dangerous person la and Bhagavan was very happy and eagered to meet him where they will be one song that is

The scene moved to Mr X bring Aadhi to some place where he believed Rani will come to that place to meet someone since he got the information and both of them waiting Rani and after a while Rani arrived at the place and waiting someone and after a while that person arrived and when he going to give briefcase to Rani, Aadhi and Mr X quickly shoot but Rani managed to escape and run.away while Mr X chasing her but she able to shoot Mr X and Mr X was killed. Aadhi chased Rani but she managed to escape using car while Aadhi chasing her using super bike until the chasing was end at the Jaisalmar Fort where Rani stopped her car and running away and Aadhi too stopped bike and chasing her until both of them meet each other and fight as Rani was a professional fighter and her strength fight was same like Aadhi but suddenly she got dizziness and not able to fight properly where Aadhi hold her hair and smashed to the mirror and he used sword to stab Rani and Rani got killed la 

The climax was at the same time, Bhagavan reached that place and saw Rani was died while Aadhi was shocking to see Bhagavan's face was same as his face and while Bhagavan was concetrete and moving to Rani, Aadhi tried to kill Bhagavan but Bhagavan managed to hold and throw back Aadhi. Bhagavan was so angry and wants to fight with Aadhi. Aadhi using his skills but that was not enough to defeat Bhagavan as Bhagavan took his own sword fight with Aadhi's sword until Aadhi managed to take back Bhagavan's sword and managed to stab Bhagavan's hand,chest and leg until Bhagavan asked him to kill and Aadhi killed him by stabbing Bhagavan's back and Aadhi walking off from that place where Bhagavan moving slowly to Rani and lying to Rani's hand as he is happy to die with Rani la. The ending was while Aadhi was walking away from that place, the camera moving slowly to the place where Rani was died but Bhagavan was not there and the camera moving  according to the Bhagavan's blood until it will show white screen and said it is directed by Ameer. The movie ended.

Shebby Final Prediction : 4.25/5

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Saved for pro and cons la :) so do it at nite la :P

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oh god how could to write such a big review .......!!!!!!!!!!!!!!awesome 


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